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Llist of english Publications

Journal Papers

1-Study of Structure and usage of mechanically alloyed nanocrystalline Ti-Cu –Zn powders in powder metallurgy, M.karbasi, A.Saidi and G. Aryanpour, Powder metallurgy, 2008.

2- Carbo-thermic Reduction of Mechanically Activated Hematite-Graphite-Copper mixture, M. Karbasi, A. Saidi and M. H. Tahmasebi, Ironmaking ans steelmaking, 2009.

3- Development of Ni-TiC and Ni- (Ti,W)C Composites for HVOF Coating and characterization of the coatings, M.Karbasi, A. Saidi , M.R. Zamanzad Ghavidel, Materials science and technology, 2011.

4-Investigation of lead base composite anodes produced by accumulative roll bonding, M.Karbasi, E.Keshavarz alamdari, Materials and Design , 2015.

5- Electrochemical investigation of lead base composite anodes fabricated by accumulative roll bonding technique, M.Karbasi, E.Keshavarz alamdari, Metallurgical and Materials transactions B,2014.

6-Development of electro-co-deposited Ni-TiC nanoparticle reinforced nanocomposite coatings, M.Karbasi,N.Yazdian, A. Vahidian, Surface & Coating Technology, 2012.

7- Synthesis , characterization and optimization of nanostructured Fe-Ni Coatings by Electrodeposition Method, M.Karbasi, F. Tavangarian, S.vardak and A.Saidi, protection of metals and physical chemistry of surfaces, 2013.

8- Preparation of Al-SiC-Al2O3 metal matrix composite powder by mechanochemical reaction between Al, SiO2 and C, M. Karbasi, M. Razavi, M. Taheri, D. Vashaee, L.Tayebi, Micro& Nano Letters, 2013.

9- Corrosion behavior of HVOF sprayed coatings of Ni-TiC and Ni-(Ti,W)C SHS produced composite powders and Ni+TiC mixed powder, M.Karbasi, M.R. Zamanzad Ghavidel, A.Nekahi, Material & Corrosion, 2012.

10- Development and characterization of SiC-Al2O3-Al ceramic matrix nanocomposite powder, M. Karbasi, M. Razavi, M. Azadi, L. Tayebi, NANO, 2013.

11- Comparison between tribological behaviour of HVOF coatings produced from conventional Ni+TiC powder mixture and Ni–TiC, Ni–(Ti,W)C composite powders, M. Karbasi, M R Zamanzad Ghavidel, A Saidi, S Sabooni, Surface Engineering, 2012.

12- Development Al2O3-TiC in-situ nanocomposite by SHS and analyzing the effects of Al content and mechanical activation on microstructure. A.Masoudian, M.Karbasi, F. Sharifian Jazi, A. Saidi, Journal of Ceramic processing research, 2013.

13- On the effect of gating system type on occurrence of hot tears in Al-4wt% Cu casting, H. BagherpooR Torghabe, B. Niroumand, M. Karbasi, Internatianal Manufactured Technology, 2014.

14- Sintering and characterization of WC-20wt%(Fe,Co) nano-structured powders developed by ball milling, Mi.Karbasi, M. Karbasi, A.Saidi, M.H.Fathi, Journal of Advanced Materials and Processing, 2014.

15- Effect of Sintering temperature on microstructure and hardness of milled WC-20wt% equatomic (Fe-Co)cemmentad carbides, Mi.Karbasi,M. Karbasi, A.Saidi, M.H.Fathi, Journal of Advanced Materials and Processing,2015.

International Conf. Papers

16- A Novel Biodegradable and nano structure coated scaffold for bone tissue engineering, 2nd, International congress on nano science and nano technology, Iran, 2008.

17- Magnesium effect on hematite carbothermic reduction of hematite-graphite activated by ball-milling, International Conference on Magnesium Alloys and their Applications, Germany, 2009.

18- Identification of imitate Gold and Silver as Metalic PigmentS used in an illuminated Persian manuscript by SEMEDS and optical microscope, Microsc. Microanal., America, 2011.

19-effect of gating system design on hot tearing suscepctibility of A206 alloy, International foundryman conference foundry man, Ukrine, 2012.


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